2016 Nashville Convention

Leadership and Overcoming Adversity

Jan 9, 2016 2:20pm ‐ Jan 9, 2016 3:00pm

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Tags: Mental Game

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Leadership and Adversity Eric Kapitulik, The Program Mission: Develop better leaders and more cohesive teams

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To win games, you need talent. Without it, you're not winning games. When new teammates join a new team... The leaders pick up the balls after practice, pick up the locker room and eat last Talent wins games. Making a commitment to getting that much better allows us to compete for championships. How? Make a commitment to being a better team leader and better teammates We do nothing in our lives where we're not a member of some team

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What are the standards to which good leaders are held? Goals and standards are not the same thing Standards: I am X...We are X Goals: I want to do X Failure to reach a goal, we work on it tomorrow. Failure to reach a standard, there are consequences. People perform best when they have both standards and goals. Leaders are held to two standards... 1. Mission accomplishment 2. Did you take care of your teammates? Leaders must remember the standards they are being held to You prove how good of a team leader you are when it's not easy

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What does it mean to take care of each other? Make every decision you ever make thinking about your teammates best interest first (on and off the field) Good teammates get held to two standards also... 1. Sets the example 2. Demand and help teammates reach that standard Does the leader communicate help teammates give 100%, prepare as well as possible? That's leading by example... Great teammates set the example. And then they demand all of their teammates to reach that same high standard You go to the movies with good friends. You go to battle with great teammates. Because great teammates make each other better. Make yourself as physically tough as you can so you can give energy to others Mental toughness: Mental mistakes happen when you're physically tired or when you become nervous Mental toughness: develop better habits so you can rely on them when you're tired or become nervous Don't let the coaching staff or the kids talk about umpires, weather or anything that is beyond our control Don't make excuses or let others make excuses about why you weren't successful Did you outwork the team that wants to come here on beat the XXXX out of you tomorrow? Make a commitment to "one more" - 1% better every day gives you the chance to compete for championships